Introduction and History

Our company started on July 2019 and is registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines. Our main purpose is to distribute a variety of healthy food and nutritional produce, not only in the Metropolitan area but the entire Philippines.Our company is engaged in trading with international partners and farmers, with the purpose of disseminating information that there are other possible agricultural products that are nutritious and beneficial to the health of the Filipino people. These food items include buckwheat products, which are possible alternatives for carbohydrates, such as rice and noodles, for those who are health conscious. Although these products could be promoted for those individuals who have diabetes, it is still the company’s mission to advance its consumption to the general public. We believe in the saying “preventive practice is better than cure”.

As a form of giving back to the Filipino community, our company also has a charitable leg, wherein a portion of our profits are donated to charitable organizations to help the less fortunate.


To supply healthy, wholesome, and nutritious food items for the consumption of the general public.


To provide consumers safe, healthy, and quality food items that will result in their healthy diet.